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established in 2008

           PRABHUNATH TRADERS is authorized By Maharashtra Pollution Control Board E -Waste Collection Segregation Refurbishing Dismantling organization to a wide range of businesses all over India, our company since 2008, located at pune India.

           We engaged in handling Recycling & reusing of E waste in eco friendly way The initiative is to aim at reducing the accumulation of used and discarded electronic and electrical equipment’s, which most end up in landfills or partly recycled in a unhygienic conditions by backyard recyclers and then partly thrown into waste streams damaging the environment. The objective of  Prabhunath traders  is to create an opportunity to transfer waste into socially and industrially beneficial raw materials like valuable metals, plastics and glass using simple, cost efficient, home grown, environmental friendly technologies suitable to Indian Conditions.

                E-Waste has become one of the primary concerns as the ever increasing number of devices that human life has to rely on is increasing day by day, making it highly essential to manage E-Waste in a sustainable and greener way. prabhunath traders, is a pioneer in asset management and electronics recycling, with its top of the line services to efficiently manage, dispose and recycle discarded electronic items. Our portfolio of services includes; comprehensive and eco-friendly recycling services as well as end-to-end E-Waste recycling and metal extraction solution. prabhunath traders. Has a state-of-the-art facility for extracting reusable resources from electronic waste under the supervision of its highly skilled staff that pay maximum attention to ensure that all the recycling tasks are carried out in an eco-friendly manner.

                E-waste management sector was not the same as it looks like today. In the early days, the whole segment was facing varied problems & issues related to recycling as well as waste management. On the other hand, it was an informal and badly organized sector. Unlike today, the workers in this field faced security threat as they were exposed to hazardous fumes/pollutants and there was lack of health as well as safety measures. This further led to severe breathing problems, Cancer, Tuberculosis (TB), etc. Carried out in small rooms without any safety measures, this was not only a threat to the workers but the entire locality was in danger.          

                Hence, the need for employee safety regulations and organization of this sector was felt. As a result of formalizing the informal E-waste management sector, PRABHUNATH TRADERS came into existence in the year 2011. We are known to be one of the most reliable importers and service providers, engaged in the E Waste Recycling Services, Collection, Segregation and Storage of E-Waste. For Electronic Waste Recycling the waste materials are dispatched to authorized dismantlers & recyclers for further processing. We make use of equipments like trolleys, storage bins, and racks that have capacity of one ton/day of E-waste. We have our partner ‘GIZ’ to support us in all our endeavors. We provide services for E- Scrap, Waste Management, Collection of E-Waste from Households and Bulk Consumers, Storage of E-Waste, Segregation of E-Waste, Dispatch of E-Waste to Dismantlers and Recyclers, etc.

Our Vision

To establish healthy environment in the modern social life.

Our Mission

To propagate and serve the cause of environment protection through technology and efficient management of resources.

Our team

We have a very proficient and experienced team of technicians and professionals working in the field of recycling. Our team comprises of IT hardware experts and quick response team, marketing professionals and qualified engineers.