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What is e-waste? In the simplest of terms, Electronic Waste – e-waste for short – or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (“WEEE”), includes all types of electronic equipments/ products Which have become obsolete or have been discarded due to:

  • Advancement in technology

  • Changes in fashion, style, status or perception

Nearing the end of their useful life The term ‘e-waste’ is generally understood to refer to any old, obsolete, end-of-life Appliances using electricity which has been disposed off by their owners. E-waste thus Would include discarded old computers, television sets, refrigerators, radios, Telecommunication equipment, laboratory equipment, and other handheld gadgets – Basically any electrical or electronic appliance that has reached its end-of-life. E-waste has been one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world. While e-waste Contains valuable materials such as aluminum, copper, gold, palladium and silver, it also Contains harmful substances like cadmium, lead and mercury. In the absence of suitable Techniques and protective measures, recycling e-waste can result in toxic emissions to The air, water and soil and pose a serious health and environmental hazards

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